Curious about people

#003 Snackbox with Eileen Herden

Another episode of our Snackbox podcast is now online. On this occasion, Rufus chats to Eileen Herden, who is responsible for HR recruiting. One of the key take-aways from this interview: Eileen’s world is one of creativity and excitement. In fact, HR management has long been much more „with it“ than some people think. Eileen is a prime example.

Perseverance is a virtue. In Eileen’s case, this certainly rings true when it comes to her choice of profession and employer. Since joining Thomas, she has become an integral part of the Human Resources team and is always open to breaking new ground.

Following high school, the industrial clerk completed a vocational training program at a company in Kaan-Marienborn, where she subsequently worked in quality assurance. In 2019, she moved to another company in the region as a sales assistant. The podcast reveals how she finally joined the HR department at Thomas – via the two aforementioned jobs – and why her role as a recruiter suits her to a tee. Displaying a passion for music, gaming, and travel, Eileen’s personal credentials include an open mind and a natural curiosity for people – the best prerequisites for the job, as listeners will find out.

In addition, she is particularly adept at coming up with new ways to address potential candidates or to draw attention to Thomas as an employer. Be it at trade shows, with the help of cooperation partners, or via internet portals. Thomas gives her lots of creative leeway, she says, with ample room for unconventional ideas and new approaches. But irrespective of the methods and channels used to look for new employees, Eileen’s goal is always the same: To find people who are a good match for Thomas from both a professional and a personal perspective.

For more insights, check out the eleven-minute podcast! It goes without saying we will also be revealing Eileen’s favorite snack. Spoiler alert: it’s not rum, raisin, and nut chocolate.