Inclusion with empathy – with Christian Becker

#011 Snackbox with Christian Becker

Our latest podcast focuses on the subject of how the severely disabled find ways to live and work. Christian Becker, Development Engineer and representative for severely disabled persons at Thomas, knows from his own experience what makes the difference.

As his story illustrates, disability is invariably an individual and personal matter. In charting his rise from technical draughtsman to project manager, Christian describes the many ailments he has suffered in the course of his life.

As he talks, he emerges as an excellent role model of what can be achieved by those who refuse to let their situations get them down. Christian has always found a way to make the best of things in spite of the many illnesses he has faced; he even managed to cross the Alps in some style.

If he finds trekking rewarding, the same goes for his job: as a Development Engineer with decades of experience behind him, he loves to share his expertise with younger staff members and collaborate on projects like the electro-hydraulic actuator. Christian regards his role as a representative for the severely disabled as a vocation – one in which he assists colleagues with all manner of work-related issues linked to their disabilities. He feels it is especially important to give support to people in such emotionally draining situations and help them overcome their anxieties.

However, let’s not give too much away! To learn more – including the difference between integration and inclusion and, of course, to find out Christian’s favourite snack – listen in now!