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Leadership and Strategy Event 2023

From May 8 to 10, 2023, Thomas managers with disciplinary and functional responsibilities met in Winterberg for the „Leadership and Strategy Event 2023.“ As the name of the event suggests, topics centered on leadership and strategy were at the top of the agenda: Where does Thomas stand with regard to its „Perspektive 2025“ vision set out in 2020? Which key issues should managers be addressing?

Meeting milestones

Looking back on the past years, we have seen a number of success stories thanks to the culture of interdisciplinary teamwork at Thomas. After years of development, for example, the EMA (electromagnetic actuator) went into series production as a lighthouse project tailored to the requirements of the Off-Highway Solutions market. In line with the „Sense. Think. Act.“ development philosophy, it combines sensor, electronic, and actuator components with software to create a genuinely smart product. Within the Mobility Solutions market, the TS28 transmission solenoid, which is also used in battery-electric vehicles, and the Oil Control Valve bear testimony to the expertise gained by Thomas as a fast-track springboard for current and future development projects.

The launch of production in Kunshan (Shanghai) at the end of September 2022 was another important milestone – and a masterly performance given the challenges of the pandemic. „Think global – act local“ exemplifies Thomas‘ commitment to customer proximity and customer focus, an approach that has helped to unlock additional business in the Asian market.

Motivating people

The values „Honesty. Courage. Support“ capture the essence of the Thomas family business. At Thomas, leadership means motivating people, placing trust in them, and delegating responsibility. Being a manager is about setting an example, making an impact, and providing impetus. It is also about recognizing and reflecting on behavioral patterns in oneself and in the team. In this context, honest feedback and open communication are essential elements.

Boldly going forward

„Understanding customers“ in the context of „Perspektive 2025“ means that customer proximity, trust, and awareness are at the heart of our partnership with customers. At Thomas, „embracing community“ means overcoming complex challenges and celebrating successes together in the company. „Thinking in systems“ refers not only to customers‘ technical systems; it also means building and maintaining internal and external networks. Focusing on customer requirements, Thomas is committed to exploiting synergies between the Off-Highway Solutions and Mobility Solutions markets. At the same time, we take a bold approach to thinking outside the box. In addition to current product developments, we are looking at new products and fields of application as well as working on our vision for 2030. In this way, Thomas is well positioned for the future.

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