Compelling precision

Electromechanical actuator goes into series production

The electromechanical actuator, or EMA for short, is revolutionizing the task of controlling large agricultural machinery thanks to its uncompromising speed and precision. The new electromechanical actuator is a pilot control unit for hydraulic main stages that provides the perfect blend of mechanics and electronics. The result?

A clear advantage in terms of precision and speed when controlling large agricultural machinery.

X-by-Wire – State-of-the-art control systems

The EMA is an “X-by-Wire” system. The control instructions reach the main stages in the customer’s system via electromechanical rather than electrohydraulic means – not only faster but also with greater precision.

Perfect control

The EMA is smoother and more sensitive than an electrohydraulic system when it comes to controlling machinery such as excavators and tractors. This is because it regulates the hydraulic flows in the overall system with greater precision – for perfect control.

Reduced machine complexity, lower costs

The manufacturers of agricultural machinery benefit from the new system – as do the owners. Using the EMA means there is no need for additional oil lines. This saves weight, reduces the system’s complexity and cuts fuel consumption. And because the electromechanical system is so durable, maintenance and downtime costs are reduced over the machine’s service life.

Key benefits of the EMA

The new electro­mechanical actuator from Thomas: customer-centric innovation.

Expansion of “Sense. Think. Act” functionality

  • Maximum precision, speed and control quality
  • No control pressure required, i.e., extremely robust against external influences such as pressure and temperature fluctuations, viscosity or dirt
  • Vibration-free and stable with linear and rotating loads
  • Regular, reliable control management
  • Efficient integration into customer’s system
  • Configurable functionality