From a niche product to an enduring success

Efficient metering – in more than just heating systems

This is the moment we want to capture: After more than 27 years, Thomas has manufactured its last P300 fuel metering pump. In developing the P300 family, Thomas laid the foundation for its success in becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of metering pumps for parking heater systems. This success story is now being continued by its successor, the P06evo, with an even wider range of functions.

For parking heaters and auxiliary heaters, it is important to deliver minimal amounts of fuel with high precision, on demand, and with reliability even at low temperatures. Whether they are used for gasoline, diesel, fuel additives, or alternative fuels such as electro-fuels or bio-fuels – the pump systems deliver and meter media reliably and as required. Originally developed only for parking heaters in trucks, it soon found new customers and a wide range of applications all over the world.

Whether Europe or Antarctica: Global demand

Trucks have to be ready to work around the clock in goods transportation or on the construction site, even in cold temperatures. In 1995, the P300 fuel metering pump went into series production and was the first to be used in parking heaters for driver’s cabs. It combines several functions in one system and, thanks to the magnetically driven reciprocating piston principle established at Thomas, ensures consistent metering quality over the entire service life. As a self-priming system, it not only integrates precise metering but also a shut-off function that prevents fuel from flowing unintentionally. This function enables use in applications that require a high level of safety. While other systems have numerous components, each of which has to be individually controlled and regulated electrically, the P300 manages with only one two-pole plug.

The leading manufacturer of parking heater systems expanded the area of application from trucks to parking heaters for cars, work machines, cranes, motor homes, and boats. Whether they are used as first tier components in series production or as retrofits, these systems can be found in vehicles all over the world. Over the past few years, the Thomas pump has evolved from a luxury niche product to a standard comfort product in this growing market.
Thomas metering pumps are even used in Antarctica: The School of Astrophysics at the University of NSW, Australia, operates a research station there. They perform reliably in the harsh environment as a maintenance-free supplier of lubricants for the power generators.

At the start of the project, the planned volume for the product life cycle was 150,000 units. By the final day of production in July 2022, around 10 million P300 fuel metering pumps had been manufactured in Herdorf.

Besides parking heater systems, the Thomas P300 metering pumps also demonstrate their capabilities in a wide range of applications:

A wide range of applications

The regeneration of the particulate filter, which is independent of the engine, is achieved by introducing the diesel directly into the exhaust gas flow. This leads to a significant increase in temperature, which causes the soot particles collected in the filter to combust.

The precise metering of fuel additives into the tank leads to a targeted reduction in the ignition temperature of soot in the diesel particulate filter.

The metering pump ensures maintenance-free and on-demand oil replenishment to lubricate the engine.

Precise metering to a reformer that splits off the required hydrogen from the fuel and then generates the desired electricity by adding oxygen in the stationary or even mobile fuel cell systems.

The metering pump can provide lubrication for 2-stroke outboard motors on boats or for treadmill rollers for horse training treadmills in equestrian sports.

P06evo continues the success story

The new Thomas P06evo pump family represents state-of-the-art technology. Customer requirements for resilience and reliability have grown steadily. However, it fully meets these demands and successfully replaces the P300 in its previous application areas.

Strictly speaking, the new generation of pumps is a metering system like the other Thomas pump families. It combines the functions of self-priming, pumping, metering, and safe shut-off in one compact unit – in line with the principle: smart and simple.

By the way:

The first new application of the pump family was in the thermal management of an electric vehicle. Fitted to Chinese electric and hybrid cabs, the metering pump helps to heat the battery and the passenger compartment..

Advantages of the P06evo

  • Simple controllability
  • High accuracy and precision
  • High variability of delivery volumes
  • Robust against environmental influences
  • Low number of interfaces
  • Low power consumption
  • Small-footprint design
  • Very quiet