Emission-free driving

Electric company cars

Martin Zavelberg drives 120 kilometres a day in his electric car. As head of the Mobility Solutions customer unit at Thomas, his company car is a BMW i3s.

He can “refuel” by charging the battery at one of the company’s nine charging stations at the Innomotion Park. His company car is one of several electric cars in the Thomas fleet. It also includes the Renault ZOE shown on the right, which is available to Thomas staff to travel to meetings or between company sites. The aim is to continue reducing the company’s carbon emissions while meeting our commitment to sustainability as responsible manufacturers. For example, switching to green electricity has enabled Thomas to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 100%. Martin Zavelberg stresses that nobody has to sacrifice comfort and driving pleasure when switching to an electric vehicle:

The BMW i3s isn’t just carbon neutral – it is also economical to run and great fun to drive. I’m seeing more and more of these kinds of vehicles on the road and in our company car park. It’s fantastic – once you’ve had an electric car you won’t want to drive anything else.